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FIMA Young Adult Program
(green - black)

Our young adults are introduced to and taught the fundamentals of our tactical mixed martial arts system "Heiho Shin Do." Because of their age and maturity level, our young adults are able to learn faster and progress quicker. Once basic skills are mastered, young adults are taught Jui-Jitsu and weapon defenses. Emphasis at this level is placed on the FIMA "Performance Formula" and how the daily choices we make dictate the direction of our life.


Class meets on Monday and Wednesday from 6:40 pm.

Through skills developed from the tactical system of HeihoShinDo Jiu-Jitsu & Kali/Silat, the FIMA Adult Program focuses on teaching realistic self defense, focusing on personal and family protection. Nothing taught within this program is geared towards competition.


Once techniques and movement are developed, this combined tactical system provides you with a highly dynamic and extremely effective method of personal protection and self defense. A direct result of this program is self-improvement by enhancing one's overall physical conditioning, self-empowerment, and survival mind set. Students will experience a dramatic difference in how they look and feel through their training at FIMA.

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