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Rich Faustini

Faustini’s Institute of Martial Arts and Fitness was founded by Richard Faustini in 1990. Sensei Faustini has been actively involved in the martial arts for 53 years and has been teaching the martial arts for the last 45 years.

Sensei Faustini’s diverse background and experience comes from his many years of continuous training in the arts of TaeKwonDo, Karate, Kickboxing, Judo, Japanese Jui-Jitsu and Kali/Silat. Through his training, constant research and hands-on experience, Sensei Faustini took the most realistic, practical and street proven concepts from each art and created the Americanized Tactical Self-Defense System of HeihoShinDo in 1990. Although all of our children start their training at Faustini's Institute learning TaeKwonDo, this is the system that they learn on their journey to Black Belt.

Throughout his journey Sensei Faustini has been recognized with numerous awards and certifications. He was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame (1994) as well as the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame (1988). He received the Humanitarian Award for his outstanding commitment, dedication and leadership to the martial arts also in 1994. He has appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, and is used by many public school districts as a motivational and inspirational speaker for kids of all ages.

Sensei Lynn Brennan
Owner and Chief Instructor at FIMA

Sensei Lynn's journey with FIMA began in 2002 when she enrolled her children in the Children's Program. Soon, she was drawn to the Adult Program, starting her own path under Sensei Richard Faustini, the founder of Faustini's Institute. Her dedication to the martial arts led her to achieve a Black Belt in 2007, and later, her Yodan rank in 2017.

Her teaching career at FIMA has deep roots in her background in Early Childhood Education. After spending years in a classroom environment and raising her children, Lynn transitioned to martial arts instruction. Once she achieved her red belt, Sensei Faustini invited her to assist in the Children's Program, marking the beginning of her 17-year teaching tenure at Faustini's.

Upon earning her Yodan rank, Lynn advanced to become the director and head instructor of both the Children's Martial Arts and the Special Needs Martial Arts Enrichment programs. Her leadership and dedication have been integral to FIMA's reputation as one of the premier Martial Arts schools in the Pascack Valley area.

After her prolonged period of training and teaching, Sensei Faustini entrusted her with the full-time responsibilities of running FIMA. Today, Sensei Lynn continues her journey as the current owner and chief instructor, guiding the institute into the future.

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